We enable early-stage entrepreneurial and corporate sponsored start-ups to take their innovations to market through validation, incubation, branding and go-to-market strategies. To help them grow sustainable and profitable businesses, we develop lean start-up innovation strategies that scale. Our solutions can be implemented in a variety of ways. Implementation can involve a complete external intervention via a consulting assignment, or on the other end of the scale, the hosting of your disruptive idea in your own internal Innovation Lab or in our external Incubator.  If you are thinking of setting up your own Innovation Lab as many leading companies are doing, we can assist you. Our Innovation Lab Blueprint supports corporates, government departments, NGOs and international organisations in setting up their own Innovation Labs.

Developing a GO-to-MARKET STRATEGY 

using the GROWTHDRIVER Expert System

Over the past 20 years we developed a high technology go-to-market, expert system named GrowthDriver to rapidly coach the start-up team through the start-up process with the chief aim of delivering an ‘Executable’, ‘Fundable’, go-to-market value proposition. Aptly termed, Plan A. We also know that no plan survives the first contact with a customer and have therefor put in place an observation framework and feedback mechanisms, allowing for quick iterations and / or pivots.

Growth Acceleration


The INDeX Innovation team developed a tried and tested, 9-step Systematic Innovation Process (Framework for Innovative Thinking) to help entrepreneurial teams create disruptive innovations. FIT combines extensive academic research in the field of Systematic Innovation with the latest thinking in Business Model Innovation. The FIT process is both fast and rigorous. We will show you how companies such as UBER, Airbnb, Tata, IBM, Amazon and other fast-growing companies have used Systematic Innovation techniques to disrupt traditional competitors. 

Systematic Innovation Process


Most start-ups fall into the trap of branding for today’s markets with today’s products and services, not thinking or planning for inevitable opportunities 5 to 10 years down-the-line. We strive to help your business stay relevant and competitive despite uncertain economic conditions by tailoring pro-active, brand-led growth strategies, no matter which organisational growth stage your company / product is in.



We all know that a Start-Up is not a company, but rather the validation of a sustainable business model. The same thinking should apply to in-company ventures. At INDeX Innovation,  our team will assist you through the Start-Up or Business Model Disruption process using our Systematic Innovation Process and our Growthdriver Expert System. We have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies through this process over the past 30 years.